Tomorrow I’ll start the last part of my journey in Mexico. I’m going to Hidalgo – a state that is about 2 hours from where I am – Puebla. I’m going to visit the family that inspired me to pursue this research here in Mexico.

In New York when I started my PhD research I met Sonia. She is my neighbor’s babysitter. My research has focused on mothers that leave their children behind in Mexico to go work in NY. Sonia left her son Aldo with her mother 8 years ago. So now I’ll go meet her son and her mother. I’m bringing with me pictures and other gifts that Sonia sent. But most importantly she left me in charge of giving her son a big hug. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to meet her family here in Mexico. When I spoke to her mother – Cleme – on the phone she was too. She told me that was so excited to meet someone that knows her girls and that can tell her how her girls are doing in NY. I say girls because Sonia’s sisters Rosa and Gloria are also in the US and I have met them several times.

Her mom – Cleme – is very excited to have me over. She has told me she will bring a huge sign with my name on it. She told me about people that I’m going to meet and the stuff she is going to cook. I will be back on Sunday so I will make sure to write about how this experience went. I won’t have signal, I don’t think, since I can’t even find this village on the map.

Here it is: my last week in Mexico.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. E mesmo vc tendo avisado (via facebook), eu acabei lendo em ingles, sem ver que havia uma versao similar em portugues… I’d better get used to it, right? Adorei o post (nao sabia que existia o blog) e vou acompanhar daqui pra frente.
    Chego em DC dia 10 de julho e devo passar ao menos um fds do mes em NYC, ja que meu irmao estarah por la… vamos tentar nos ver? bjocas (e adorei o tema da sua tese)

  2. Enjoy the spirit as you further connect with the families. Love is at the heart of your work as you seek insight from understanding those connections and the impact. Be You and Be Safe!

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