Today I gained 10 pounds.

Mexicans are one the most hospitable people in the world. Seriously. I woke up today, or I should say stopped trying to sleep as the moscos (bugs) were eating me alive. The lady that I’m staying with makes natural drops and creams for everything you can imagine. Before she left with her husband to Morocco she made me a “calendula” cream to put on mosquito’s bites and to prevent bites. So I was in bed dripping in ¬†calendula cream and the bites were itchy as #@#@#&*%$#. Anyways, back to the story of why I feel so fat. I went to the school where part of my research is being done, I got there at 7:45 and they were eating breakfast – some giant quesadillas, of course they invited me and made me eat the largest one. At about 10am I decided to head home after 3 focus groups to try to sleep for one hour, since I could not sleep the whole NOCHE. Well, the neighbors caught me getting in the house and invited me to watch the game (Mexico and Uruguay). I accepted it – OF COURSE. As I went in the house of my neighbors they had papaya cut in pieces and agua de papaya – SO. MUCH. FIBER. Anyways, I had that and thought to myself – wow, that was easy. Only fruit, no grease – score! But, the twist: Mara, my neighbor was super excited she had a surprise for me. TAMALES. She was like you have to try Tamales dulce (sweet ones) Tamales de Mole (with Mole and pollo in it), tamale de I don’t even know. I was like – un poquito Mara. And she didn’t care. So, I ate a whole sweet tamale that was PINK. (delicious). Then I ate tamale that had mole inside, because according to Mara ” you need something salty”. I finished watching the game and left the house to go back to the school. My other neighbor Paty sees me. Invites me in, she wants me to meet her teenage daughter. “Gabi, it will be really quick”, I go in. She made her special salad of lettuce, mango, tuna, peanuts, with totopos and a dressing of mayo and yogurt. She also made me horchata de aroz! (I love it!). So it is now 11:30. I feel I’m going to throw up, it was so much food in so little time. As I walked out both Paty and Mara decided they were going to cook moletes and more tamales and more STUFF for me for dinner. Too bad Mexico lost for Uruguay. I ended up with my belly full. Seriously, I don’s spend 1 peso in food here, because here you are always always invited to eat. Love it. Arriba Mexico!

The beautiful women that keep me fedThe women that keep me fed. (fat)


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