Total Eclipse of the Heart

One of sites of research is a school. The school is here in Tlaxcalancingo. I went there today to do a focus group with children whose parents are in the US. During the break I watched the rehearsal of the dance the 6 graders present at the end of the year – in 2 weeks. Well, guess what song it was? “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. That is song the 6th graders chose to be their theme! The music was so loud in the school and they had this whole choreography that was super Mexican. Absolutely amusing to see these kids in a town in the middle of Puebla with a little over 10 thousand peoplo choosing one of my favorite songs of all times! The funny thing is that in Brazil when I was their age (12,13) we listened to this song all the time. Maybe this song IS really amazing and travels around cultures, languages and who knows. All the kids sang along too, not always in English as very few know words in English.

The song they chose to be the one to play in the background as they assemble themselves is Celine Dion’s Titanic theme. Another amazing choice.

Tomorrow I’m back for some more Bonnie Tyler.


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