And I thought we (Brazilians) fried stuff…

My favorite thing to eat here in Puebla is everything that has Flor de Calabaza. Calabaza means pumpkin and what I eat is the flower that comes with this vegetable. This morning for example, I woke up and had a quesadilla de calabaza with fresh cheese, a little piece of heaven (as Alex would say). I asked “how is this tortilla so soft?” and Camelia that makes these responded: “we fry it in oil”. Yesterday I had cauliflower in a tomato soup. After I had one cauliflower I was stuffed. I asked Camelia again, how do we make this? She answered, “it’s really easy, you beat one egg for a very long time, then you dip the cauliflower in it and then you fry it”. Delicious. Another goodness, the churros! A thin cylinder of deep-fried pastry (amazingness) with a characteristic ‘ridged’ surface, because it was extruded through a star shaped hole. The best part you can get any thinkable filling. I mean anything. Ham, cheese, dulce de leche, chocolate, or all of them together.

Other fried-great-things: The basic tortilla chip – deep fried (sometimes in pork fat eeek). Or the Sope (another Mexican dish) unusually thick tortilla with vegetables and meat toppings. The base is made from a circle of fried dough of ground maize soaked in lime.

But seriously, Mexico has incredible food. In Puebla they are very proud of their “Tacos Arabes”. These are made with meat and a lot of spices. The meat is supposed to be softer than the meat of regular tacos. It is exactly like a “Shawarma” which is a Middle Eastern sandwich.

I also believe Mexico invented the best way of drinking beer anyone could ever have. Las Micheladas or Cheladas. Micheladas made with “salsa inglesa”, lime, salt and beer. They tend to be spicy. I personally prefer Las Cheladas – salt and lime and beer. Very cold beer. It goes perfectly with any fried thing or with spicy food. And a last interesting finding, guacamole is not that common to have in houses in Mexico. In their homes people will eat straight avocado with ANY food they are having. Pasta + avocado, salad +avocado, chicken or fish + avocado. Every person gets a half of an avocado for a meal. Delicious.


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