In Mexico!

I’ve been here in Mexico for a week now and there are so many things happening in the country. Municipal elections, census and the world cup are all keeping the country extra busy.

Riding a bus in Puebla is absolutely amusing. First of all, the buses come in all shapes, forms, colors, sizes you can imagine. It is hard to recognize what is what. To catch a bus you can be anywhere. If you see one coming, even if the bus is on the other side of the road going a million miles an hour, it will cross the road and stop and it sees a person waving. The driver stops for a fraction of a second. You have to jump in quickly and give the driver 5 pesos. As you pay him, he is already driving. There are 2 formal stops, where the drivers are timed in how fast or slow they go around their route. They are also evaluated on how many passengers board their buses. It is a rally between these buses. Now, you want to get out. You scream from wherever you are in the bus “I want to get out”. Same style. Wherever he is the driver will quickly pull over and in 1.5 seconds you MUST be out. He can’t lose time. Inside the bus music is loud. The driver chooses the station and everyone listens to it. In many instances “friends of drivers” get on buses. They of course, don’t pay. Now that I know how it works, I might just get the hang of it. Still, pretty dangerous operation.


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